Animation is an amazing form of storytelling but is rarely considered for projects. Could your next video be an animation? This article dives into the reasons you might want it to be…

When you think of animation, you might think of old Disney movies or Aardman Studios’ stop motion animations. But in recent years it’s become an increasingly accessible tool for brands to get their message across.

I’ve listed below some great examples of where animation could, and has, been used.

To visualise complex topics

Sometimes a topic can be hard to visualise, or simply need spicing up to keep the viewers attention.

We worked on a video for Firexo’s fx73, a new, much more effective way to fight wildfires. While their other videos used a mix of stock footage, filmed footage and animated text to visualise topics, they decided to use animation to visualise their Fighting Wildfires video in a light but still visually interesting way.

To tell a brand story

A great brand story can build strong customer loyalty as people are able to humanise the company.

AirBnb’s ‘Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging’ brand video shows their brand values in a simple, visual way.

To promote your music

Moving content is a great way to draw attention to your music, and for this there are generally three options: music videos, social videos (e.g. TikTok) and lyric or visualiser videos.

We created a lyric video for Eloise Viola’s club hit, Like the Summer, using a mix of on-screen lyrics and visual elements to build excitement without filming a video.

We also love the visualisers used to promote Jax Jones’s music!

To use the power of infotainment

Sometimes a topic just doesn’t get the attention it needs or deserves and you have to be creative to get it seen.

Infotainment is when a video is made both to entertain and inform, and was used by Metro Trains in Australia to promote railway safety in their viral hit, ‘Dumb Ways To Die’, which has amasses 200 million views to date.

When you can’t film

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to film. Whether it that you can’t get access to what you need, 2020 happens, or you simply don’t want to appear on camera, animation is a great alternative.

So, what do you think? Could animation be the answer you've been looking for? If you think it is, get in contact now via our contact page or by WhatsApp!