Event Coverage


Film coverage of your event is essential for promoting your brand and any follow-up events. Event Highlights show all the best bits of your event, while Teasers and Testimonials provide additional ways to promote your current and future events.

We also provide additional short clips for social content.

Fast turnarounds

We're able to provide fast on-the-day edits for finales or social media if notified of this requirement in advance.

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We have a page devoted to Event Videography, check it out by clicking the button below.

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Event Coverage


Great photography will capture your event in its best light. We’re partnered with incredible photographers who have years of experience capturing events, whether it’s an exhibition, party, or concert.

How it works

We'll suggest photographers best suited to your event for you to choose from. After that, we'll make sure their briefed and ready to go to reduce stress on your end.

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We have a page dedicated to photography; click the link below to find out more.

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Event Coverage

Content Management

For every event, we liase with you to make sure that all the content you need is captured. We provide all content in an online folder for easy access and offer next-day delivery of initial assets where required.

We’re able to provide content managers who can make sure all the content you need is captured, organised and even posted if needed. While not necessary for all jobs, content managers are great for larger events which are more complex to capture and with tight delivery times.

Event packages

How it works


We'll start with a consultation to discuss your needs and goals and where we can help.


We'll suggest crew members and liaise with them once approved and confirmed.


We'll work with you on a content plan for your event outlining what needs to be captured and what your deliverables are.

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