Overview / Homepage Film

Overview / Homepage films promote your entire business or a significant area of your business. These are often referred to as homepage videos as they offer a summary of your whole company, leaving potential customers informed and hungry for more.

What you'll need

A business overview script, which we can help with. Ideas include the story of how your business came to be, what it's key values are and some information about the services and experience you aim to offer.

Where to use them

These type of videos are often referred to as 'homepage videos' as they're such a great way to introduce your brand. As a result, they can be placed on your homepage, be your featured video on YouTube, and even make their way over to your social media channels.

Product and Service Overviews

Producing a video about your product or service is a great way to convince potential customers that you or your product are what they’ve been searching for. These can feature interviews, beautiful product/service shots, tutorials, and more.

What you'll need

You'll need a script which features all the key points of your video, along with ideas for what to film. It's also good to have an idea of how long you want the video to be. We can help you with all of this.

Where to use them

These overviews are great to use on the product and service pages of your website and to link to in your newsletters. They're also great for shopfront multimedia displays.

Product “Making Of”

A great way to increase the perceived value of a product by potential customers is to create a making-of video showing the most interesting and visually pleasing details of production.

What you'll need

Identify the most interesting parts of your production process, both generally and visually. If you'd like a voice-over, you'll want to write a script which covers the points shown in chronological order.

Where to use them

These videos are great for your website and socials. The footage is generally great for splitting up into satisfying social media clips that showcase each element of production separately.

Project Overview

These are great videos to overview your project in a quick and visual way. They can contain interviews or titles which showcase your message.

What you'll need

A great script which outlines your project, its aims, and how it fits into your wider vision.

Where to use them

These videos are great for your website and socials, such as IGTV. They can also be split up into content for your Story.

Interviews and Testimonials

Sometimes the most effective way to get your message across is through a simple video interview or testimonial, putting a real face to a voice or text. These can also be mixed in with other footage and pictures to create a mini-documentary.

What you'll need

You'll either want a rough script or some questions. The way to figure out the best questions to ask is to think about what answers you'd like to receive and reverse engineer the question. You'll also need an idea of where you want to film.

Where to use them

These are great for on your website's homepage, About and Testimonial pages, social media, and YouTube channel.


While there's some overlap between this and other video styles, these are usually in the form of tutorials or to-camera pieces. They're great for getting lots of information across in an interesting way.

What you'll need

You'll either want a rough script and an idea of what and where you want to film.

Where to use them

These are great on your website, internal sites, YouTube channel, and IGTV.

Internal Communications

Fading are the days when we send people from department to department, shop to shop or company to company to relay the same message. It’s often costly and time-consuming and can be easier and more cost-effective to make a video with a similar message. This can be for training videos, announcements and more.

What you'll need

This one depends on exactly what kind of video you want but will usually include a script and an idea of what and where you want to film.

Where to use them

These can be used anywhere you'd like, from internal websites to screens and YouTube channels.

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