Fashion Films

Fashion films aren't just a great way to bring your collection to life, they can also create a narrative and enhance peoples perception of your brand. These can be accompanied by music, sound or speech depending on what you want your audience to experience.

First steps

We'd start by looking at your collection and the vision you want to portray to your audience. We can either create a film on set for your photoshoot, backstage at a fashion show or create something from scratch.

Where to use them

Fashion films are great for use everywhere from social media to your website and online store. Why not create an online lookbook of the best photos and videos from your collection? We can create one film, lots of individual clips, or both!

Music Videos

Music videos are a classic way to enhance your visual brand as an artist whilst promoting your music. We offer the whole package, from pre-production through to delivery.

First steps

We'd usually chat about the music, your references, the budget, and what needs to be achieved with this release. Following this, we'll send through a pitch for review.

Where to use them

Music videos are great for general promotion. They're primarily distributed through YouTube, with clips used for social media promotion.

Acoustic Videos

Acoustic videos with a stripped back version of your song are great for showing off the talent behind the artist.

First steps

We can arrange all services from video to sound recording and are happy to work with your usual crew. You'll need a location, though we can often help with that!

Where to use them

Acoustic videos are great for sharing on YouTube and social media.

Music & Fashion Showreel

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