The landscape of content creation has profoundly shifted. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing; today, it’s about crafting content that speaks directly to diverse audiences with authenticity and creativity. We are at the forefront of this shift, embracing innovative platforms like TikTok and harnessing the power of high-quality videos, photos and copy to create content that isn’t just consumed, but shared and celebrated.

Our approach is to blend art with strategy, ensuring that every piece of content we produce is designed to engage and inspire, driving your brand into the new era of digital communication.


LUCO develops initial sparks of inspiration through fully fleshed-out video and content ideas. We aim to bring ideas to the table that not only capture the essence of your brand but also resonate with your audience.

Whether you’re aiming for funny, cutting-edge, or classic, we tailor our ideas to fit your unique needs, ensuring that the final product stands out in today’s crowded digital landscape.

We specialize in creating dynamic content for events (both music and other genres), behind-the-scenes footage, and visualizers, including content tailored for fashion and music or lyric videos. With Luke’s extensive background in music video and fashion film direction, we bring a distinctive edge to every project, blending industry expertise with creative flair to produce visually captivating results.

Our services are tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer DSLR or pro-iPhone videography, we offer both in-house and in collaboration with our trusted videography partners.

You might have heard our lighting skills complemented on Capital FM’s Big Top 40!

At LUCO, we capture moments that tell a story. Both in-house and alongside our photography partners, we specialise in creating compelling images that enhance your brand’s visual narrative.

From fashion shoots to lifestyle imagery, we provide high-quality photos that are perfect for enhancing your digital presence or enriching your marketing materials.

We utilise both Adobe Creative Cloud and popular mobile editing tools to provide content that fits on whatever platform you’re publishing on, including titles and subtitles where appropriate.

We’re flexible with turnaround times, often turning around content within minutes of an event.

Compelling copy is the heartbeat of effective communication. Our copywriting services are designed to articulate your brand’s voice and convey your message with clarity and creativity.

Whether it’s social copy, video scripts, or website copy, we create content that resonates with your audience and drives engagement.

With a keen eye for detail and a flair for storytelling, we ensure that every word works hard to advance your objectives, connect with your customers, and enhance your brand’s presence.

The final piece of the content creation puzzle is using it effectively to maintain an active and engaging online presence. We can offer assistance with everything from curating content to scheduling posts, ensuring your social media reflects your brand’s voice and actively engages with your audience to foster growth and loyalty.

Audience engagement is crucial to building lasting relationships with your followers. Our approach goes beyond mere posts; we interact, listen, and respond to your audience, creating a dynamic community around your brand. This active engagement helps to amplify your reach and deepen your brand’s impact.

We can ensure you’re always informed about how your content is performing by providing detailed reports and insights, allowing you to understand audience behaviour, measure engagement, and refine strategies. Our analytics services help you make data-driven decisions to enhance your digital marketing efforts and achieve better outcomes.

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Case Studies

Ella Henderson (Atlantic Records)

Ella Henderson is a British singer-songwriter who has had ten top-10 UK singles to date. We crafted a Digital Content & Communication Strategy to increase content reach and fan engagement and worked directly with collaborators like Joel Corry, Tom Grennan, Cian Ducrot, and Natasha Bedingfield.

Utilising all of LUCO’s capabilities, our strategy increased TikTok followers by over 55% within 18 months with over 45M views, propelling songs such as React, 0800 Heaven, and Alibi into the Top 10.

Our content has over 100M views across all platforms.


London-based RÆBURN is a collaborative, regenerative design studio in London run by Timberland global creative director Christopher Raeburn.

Utilising LUCO’s videography and post-production capabilities, we helped launch campaigns in collaboration with Timberland, Aesop, Depop, and the brand’s own collections launching at London Fashion Week.


UNITE Hair is a professional haircare brand based in Los Angeles. We led their content team worldwide, shooting fashion shows, photo shoots and video shoots in London, New York, LA, Paris, and Milan

We also helped them establish the groundwork for an in-house production team to launch their streaming platform, UNITE TV, featuring the world’s top hairdressers.

PHVLO x adidas / izzue

This initiative, run by renowned designer Johanna Ho, saw designers at the cutting edge of sustainability working alongside big brands to examine the future of sustainable fashion.

Utilising our videography, photography, and post-production capabilities, we helped launch collaborations with Adidas and izzue, shooting campaigns in London, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

We eventually worked alongside Johanna to develop a sustainable fashion documentary titled Fashionhood.


The Getty Family sought to revamp the visual identity of one of their estates, Wormsley, beautifully showcasing the estate’s event venues, cricket offerings, and the famous Garsington Opera.

We undertook a comprehensive approach, updating their brand image across the board. This involved harnessing our diverse capabilities in photo, video, design, web design, and copywriting, instilling confidence in the breadth and depth of our services.

Eloise Viola

Eloise Viola is a British singer-songwriter known for her songs B.O.D.Y and Electricity. LUCO worked with Eloise to produce photo and video content for multiple singles, including B.O.D.Y, That Aint Right, and Like The Summer, and social content for events.

Mr Smith

Mr. Smith sought to showcase their ongoing work behind the scenes at Fashion Weeks worldwide. We utilised our videography capabilities for events, including A.P.C. in Paris, Richard Quinn and the International Woolmark Prize in London, and a photo shoot on the streets of Paris.

EA Sports

LUCO worked with EA Sports to produce video content for the FIFA 20 launch. Using our videography and same-day post-production capabilities, our film followed Jadon Sancho‘s experience at the launch event, interacting with fans and other footballers.