What to expect

"Hi, I'm Luke!"

You'll be meeting with Luke. He's friendly and chilled out.

"So, what's up?

You'll chat about your project and/or about what kinds of media could help you achieve your goals.

"Can you see me?"

We'll send you a Zoom call link by default, and more than one person can join with the link.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We send out links to a Zoom call by default. If you’d prefer to send your own link, or instead call via phone, we’re happy to accommodate.

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Yes! If you’d like to arrange a physical meeting, contact us.

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We offer our half-hour consultations to help answer any initial questions you have and discuss what we can bring to your project.

During your initial call, we’ll create an action plan which will include details of any follow-up communication and what we need to proceed.

If you’d like to reschedule your meeting, please contact us.

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