Music Promo

Lyric videos and visualisers are a great addition to your marketing strategy — even alongside a music video — to create additional hype and content to accompany your music.

What you'll need

You'll need some references, a song and a lyric sheet.

Where to use them

These are generally uploaded to YouTube but also make great social media posts. They can also be edited down into teasers.

Brand or Product Story

Animation is a great way to tell your brand or product story as it allows you to craft an entertaining narrative that viewers can visualise. It’s a great way to build deeper connections between current and potential clients, and your brand.

What you'll need

A great business overview script would usually include the story of how your business came to be, what it's key values are and some information about the services and experience you aim to offer. We also recommend sending some references for the colour scheme and style.

Where to use them

These type of videos are often referred to as 'homepage videos' as they're such a great way to introduce your brand. As a result, they can be placed on your homepage, be your featured video on YouTube, and even make their way over to your social media channels!

Visual Topic Overview

Need to explain something that’s hard to visualise? Have a topic you need to explain in a concise, entertaining, and visually pleasing way? Animation is a great way to get your information and points across in an exciting and different way.

What you'll need

You'll need a script and an idea of what you'd like to film. We also recommend sending some references for the colour scheme and style.

Where to use them

These are great to use on your website, YouTube and social media channels, but also in presentations and pitches.

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