If you’re new to video content, you might wonder… where do I begin? If that’s you, or if you’re simply looking to improve your video making skills, this is an article for you!

To get the most out of your content, it helps to make a plan to make sure your content is tailored to your goals! Either on your own or working with your videographer, make a plan that covers some key areas:

What's the aim of your video?

Is there a new product, collection or service you’re raising awareness of? Do you want to give consumers a video overview of your business? Or maybe there’s frequently asked questions that would be better answered more personally.

Write out the objective: “this video will…”

This will make sure everyone involved knows your aim and is working towards the end goal.

How do you want your brand to be seen?

Would you consider your brand as being casual or formal? Stylistically, would you like your video to be light and airy or dark and moody? What style of video do you want? Ideas include cinematic, storytelling, urban and minimalistic.

A video that accurately showcases the feel of your brand will give consumers a brilliant idea of your business without setting foot inside a store, office, or chatting to a staff member.

Are there more types of content you could make on the day?

Since you’ll have your videographer there already, is there any other content you might need in the near future that you can do on the same day?

Maybe you’re shooting an overview of your business. You could also shoot some interviews and FAQ answers to bring your site to life, or even include in the overview. Or maybe you need some photos of the business, why not do that on the same day?

What about the edit?

How long do you want each video to be? How many videos do you want? Could some animated elements and graphics spice it up?

Discuss all these with your videographer in advance to make sure you’re on the same page.

Where can your content be posted?

Nowadays content can be used in so many ways. Think about how you’ll get the most out of your content. It could be a feed post, a story, even a TikTok! 

First, think about who your target market for this campaign is. Which platform is best for you to reach them? Maybe they all are!

Videos can be formatted specifically for each type of post so it’s good to have an idea in advance of where you’d like to post it so we can tailor the content specifically for it.

Hopefully that gave you some ideas! If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. Send us a message via the contact page, or on WhatsApp!